Anonymous asked:

Could you do a preference for 4/4 where the whole band is doing a twitcam and you walk by and they force you into it? Sorry that it's so long. Thanks

hemmoful answered:

okay so i kinda adjusted it a bit for each boy, hope that’s okay. :)

you’d be in the room while the boys were doing their twitcam and you’d be super careful to stay out of the way but you’d have to pee so bad so you’d sneak behind them, trying to move quick but they’d see you in the shot and luke would turn around and be like “babe!” and you’d stop in your tracks and look over and he’d reach out for you and be like “come here, come say hi!” and you’d nod toward the bathroom and ashton would look at the camera and be like “I think y/n maybe has to pee” and you’d kind of blush and tell them you’d be right back and while you were in the bathroom you could hear the boys talking about how happy you make luke and stuff aww

you’d be helping calum put on some ridiculous costume in the corner of the room while a twitcam was in session and michael would tilt the screen towards you two and he’d be like “whoaaa, some naked action going on over here!” and you’d look over and give michael the finger calum would just laugh and put his goofy wig on take your hand to lead you over where you’d end up sitting in on the twitcam for a bit

ashton would probably be hinting all day that he wanted you to make an appearance in the boys’ twitcam later and you’d kind of brush it off because you had no intention of doing so but you’d be in the room during and ashton would at one point probably just flat out say “my girlfriend is in the room but refuses to come say hi. she’s so mean!” and he’d make a face and look over at you and you’d just roll your eyes at him and luke would be like “oooh, she’s annoyed! you woke the beast ashton!” and you’d yell “fuck you guys!” and they’d all laugh and ashton would yell back “I love you too babe!”

michael wouldn’t tell you the boys were doing a twitcam and you’d be in another room and he’d text you during it to come to the next room so you’d walk in, probably in like a towel or something and you’d see the whole set up and the boys would probably all just burst out laughing and you’d turn on your heel to quickly leave but michael would chase after you and grab your wrist and pull you into a hug and apologize through his laughter and he’d be like “come on, just come say hi. you look hot in that towel anyway”


Anonymous asked:

Blurb on what sex with each of the 5sos members would be like

celebrityau answered:

Sex with Ashton would either be really slow and passionate or very rough and fast. There would be no in between. It would just depend on how long you guys hadn’t seen each other for and what lead up to you guys having sex. When he was slow, he’d make sure to whisper sweet nothings to you and caress your body like it was the last time he would ever touch you. When it was fast, he’d be grabbing, almost indenting his fingerprints into you as he pounded into you. Calum would sort of be like Ashton, but he more liked it rough than anything. And that was okay with you. You loved when Calum had his soft moments, but it felt amazing when he was thrusting into you with as much force as he could. All that you would hear were your moans mixed with his and the slapping of skin as he went deeper. You’d always know it was a great night when you could see the scratch marks down Calums back from the night before. Luke would be the opposite. Nine times out of ten, he’d be loving and go slow, dragging out the pleasure. Always making sure you were okay and nothing was awkward (because lets fact it - the first couple of times you had sex with Luke - it was awkward). He’d let you take control most of the time, but occasionally, he’d have a good night on stage or great news about the band, he’d be the most dominate and those were special to you. Michael would be playful. He’d love to try and dominate you, but he’d love when you tried to do it back (and also when you succeeded in making him give in to your touch). Some nights he just wouldn’t have it though and make sure he was dominant with you, but other nights he’d just be lazy and let you take over, and turn him even more on.